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Failure as Futuremaking

Failure as Futuremaking

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Be Oakley


Failure as Futuremaking is a new essay by GenderFail founder Be Oakley. In the essay Oakley states:

The very structure of success in a white cis male dominated society necessitates that we deny our true desires, incessantly defer them. It necessitates a constant, hyper-masculine drive for dominance—the very thing radical queerness is trying to destroy—in order to attain even a barely adequate standard of living.

Do we become failures in order to preserve a measure of autonomy? Or do we embrace success to live?

Failure as Futuremaking

By Be Oakley

24 pages

Risograph (Flat Gold and Black)

Cover: Stardream Citrine Paper 81 lb Metallic

Text: French Paper Speckletone Natural Paper 70LB

July 2023


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