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Exquisite Desolation

Exquisite Desolation

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Video Arena

From the depths of Video Arena comes Exquisite Desolation, an anthology of strange and surreal animation beamed direct from VHS to your eyeballs. Organized by VA founder, artist and animator Taylor Duff and comprising the work of 22 international independent animation artists, Exquisite Desolation is a dadaistic swirl of hand-rendered visual anarchy, assembled in the form of a compilation, much in the lineage of Liquid Telivision or Heavy Metal.

Exquisite Desolation 2023
Contributing Animators:
Taylor Duff @video_arena_archives
Jon Vaughn @jon_vaughn_
Sam Wood @sam.woodd
Kirsten Hatfield @kirstendo
Preston Spurlock @actually_preston_spurlock Charlie Thall @charlieethall
Brewce Longo @bloodsickproductions
Michael Jensen @_whats__michael_
Zach Website @zackwebsite
Steven Reifsteck
Andy Boyd @andy_chefboyardee_heckbot WackDuckGore @wackduckgore
Rudy Paganini forevermidi_com
Devon Mcfarland @rememburgerme
Taylor Wells @taymations
Parker Davis @parker_dav
Dan Lisowski @danlisowskiart
Tim Romanowsky @timowskee
Dylan Jones @reliable__guy
Otto Splotch @ottosplotch
Nacio Sandoval-Reilly @moonneca
David Beyers @boatsisboats


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