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by Asagi Yaenaga

"In 1528, Japan. The strong and gifted Princess Tsukihime of the Azumi Province, faces the aggressive threat of an evil rising god of curses "Enki".

Princess Tsukihime leads as a brave warrior among her people to protect her nation and in doing so, must confront the deep secrets found in the treasured relic sword "Gouki Kagemitsu" that has chosen her hand, then against this abominable cursethat seems to of originated from somewhere in Azumi, and the surprising dark truth which lurks and grows within her body.

This is the first series manga of the insanely talented young artist Asagi Yaenaga

limited edition of:
1000 copies (english version)

A4 format, 88 pages + cover + dust jacket, stitched binding,
black and white offset print,
soft cover with UV spot effect,

Artwork: Asagi Yaenaga
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Christian Dolz Bayarri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
English translation: Demitri Vassiliadis - Asuka Vassiliadis


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