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El Bunny

El Bunny

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Terrence Laragione/ Justin Coffin

“I’m the reminder of what can go wrong. The in-between thing that’s not this and not that. What failed and what’s going to break.
Roots getting into service pipes.
Homeowner problems,
tenant problems,
try-hard problems,
and the problems that
arise when
someone just
doesn’t like
your face.”

This is a real Philadelphia story, but it’s not The Philadelphia Story. This is a tour of the River Wards led by a figure in a bunny suit. It’s a story of memory and loneliness, told in Terrence Laragione’s paintings and Justin Coffin’s voice, designed by Hannah Kneisley and conveyed with the lightness and humor of a survivor who’s here to tell the truth, even if that truth is embroidered a little and then exaggerated a little more.

This is El Bunny.


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