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Dream Another Dream

Dream Another Dream

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Shinnosuke Saika published by Glacier Bay Books, 2022.

Dream Another Dream collects the first three currently out of print stories from Shinnosuke Saika’s Sleepy Child works: Sleepy Child, That Child, and The Lullaby.
[Tonio, which is being published concurrently by Glacier Bay Books, is the fourth story]

This is a special reprint collected edition for the 2022 festival season featuring all new cover artwork, in order to keep the early stories accessible to new readers.

5×7 format, with thick textured stock for the covers.

approx. 104 pages.
sleepy child ・ zhuchka
that child | the lullaby ・ Anna Schnell
sleepy child | that child | the lullaby ・ emuh ruh


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