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Dot Comics

Dot Comics

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A.T. Pratt

"Dot Comics is a collection of comics I did the last few years in my dot journal, a tool that many people use to be organized with to-do lists and charts and things, I just used it to make easy panels with no rulers and make comics anywhere in a notebook. It includes strips about time, aging, making comics, selling comics, "hourly comics" from 2021 and 2022, and a trilogy of names many people have called me recently- ("Pony Man", "Berry Boy", and "Spider"- all of which are comics that contain musical numbers, a new area I've been exploring in the comics reading experience (the experience of being read these comics can be replicated by videos in my new youtube )- this experience of hearing the "music" is optional and the traditional reading of your copy of the comic is still entirely sufficient and to many presumably preferrable. Spider is the final longer story and contains an extended 4 layer pop-up fold-out sequence as we descend into the underground realm of the spiders.
60 pages of the dot journal were used- 46 are reproduced as flat pages here, and the rest are the pop-up spread that folds out into 3 tall pop-up fold-out spreads.
Dot Comics' genres are autobio and horror and it is rated R."



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