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Don't Look Into The Abyss

Don't Look Into The Abyss

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Bryn Ziegler

Limited Edition

Welcome to The Expanse.

Don’t Look Into The Abyss is a single-player choose-your-path book. The premise is simple: you are an adventurer traveling through a vast expanse. Here you must find your path while confronting the elements, traversing the stars, and most importantly… avoiding The Abyss. However, Don’t Look Into The Abyss also has a number of secrets that make it a complex, unique experience. Don’t Look Into The Abyss is an exploration of change within cycles informed by Ziegler’s experiences with queerness.

Don’t Look Into The Abyss was written, illustrated, and designed by Bryn Ziegler and printed in April 2023 by Erica Honson and Bryn Ziegler in the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The book’s three spot colors were printed using offset lithography on a Heidelberg KORS, and each book in this edition of 150 was hand-bound by Bryn Ziegler.


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