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Distance Rituals

Distance Rituals

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Yidan Zeng

Limited edition, hand-folded zine featuring 4 movement scores written by Yidan Zeng and Yo-Yo Lin, including: Sun, Bodies of Water, Budding, and Wind Call.

Inspired by a flowing river and the gentle, meandering insights emerging from these offerings, the zine unfolds into a long collage on one side, featuring a series of photographs, or portals, by the artists communing with various lands.

The zine includes a QR code for audio readings of the scores.

We wrote these scores as a pathway for being together while we found ourselves apart. Each one began as an invitation to a sensation, feeling, or terrain found in our respective places. We speak of “places” as our environment and the space-time we dwell in, as well as the vessel of our bodies. We hope this selection of scores brings us closer — to one another, to new (and old) insights, to the Earth.

Laser print, limited run 50, 2nd edition.

Dimensions: W 10.75 cm x H 15 cm x L 106 cm


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