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Dew Drop Diary

Dew Drop Diary

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Illustrated & Written by Kate Schneider
Book Design by Izzy Jarvis

F.I.N.E. Editions

3D UV gloss coated paperback cover
40 pages in full color
Limited to 100 copies

Dew Drop Diary is an art comic drawn and written from a pubescent snail’s point of view. Forcing the viewer’s perspective, Schneider illustrates the textures of plant life as if you were shrunk down to the very bottom of the forest floor. Thrust into this angle, each drawing is paired with writing as the character finds her footing into maturity.

From the author: I have always been drawn to small worlds. As a child, transporting into a tiny body was a way of becoming invisible and feeling safe enough to immerse myself in deep fantasy. When children travel into their imagination, it functions as both a mirror for their world and a window into another, and stories for children understand this. In books like Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh, the animal characters navigate social and emotional anxieties while making references to their fur and snouts. The poet Ocean Vuong has noted that metaphor should allow you to go somewhere else, and then come back, changing your relationship to what you know. In Dew Drop Diary I hope to allow us to enter her world, catch a glimpse into what we do not know, and explore more deeply the things we do. Working within the tension of familiarity and difference—between humans and animals, language and image—is a rich place to be.


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