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Dédales 3

Dédales 3

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Charles Burns

Editions Cornelius

For Brian Milner and Laurie Dunn, the end is approaching. Surrounded by their friends, the two protagonists meet one last time near a lake to shoot the final scenes of their amateur film. In the evening, around the campfire on which the fish caught during the day grill, it's time to party and all the conditions for a happy ending are there. However, the story does not seem to follow the initial storyboard... Subtly intertwining cinema and real life, “Dédales” is a series which builds its narrative around the relationship between the unconscious and its representation. This theme is expressed here by Charles Burns through incredible sequences where dreams become a source of inspiration for fiction but also an escape from reality. Playing with the confusion of genres, Burns immerses us in a story that constantly oscillates between science fiction, romance and fantasy to better take us off the beaten track. In this final volume, he offers us a sublime ending which, as in any great film, leaves deep reminiscences long after the credits roll.


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