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Dédales 2

Dédales 2

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Charles Burns

Éditions Cornélius

This book is in French

While the first volume of Dédales marked the meeting between Brian, a young director with a disconcerting gaze, and Laurie, the muse of his new film, the time has now come to start filming. Surrounded by a few friends, the two protagonists find themselves in a cabin lost in the middle of the forest to film the first scenes. The images of the film are barely sketched and tensions are already emerging within the small isolated group... Subtly intertwining cinema and real life, Dédales is a series that builds its narration around the relationship between the unconscious and its representation. This theme, which draws its sources from the foundations of psychoanalysis, is declined here by Charles Burns through incredible sequences where the dream becomes a source of inspiration for fiction. For Brian, the central character of the series, as for the author, the camera and the pencil then become introspective tools that create a bridge between imagination and reality. Burns has fun sowing us in different levels of reading to better reinforce the feeling of strangeness that emerges from his illustrations. This new series, published as a world exclusive, once again proves the genius of Charles Burns through his ability to take on ever more complex subjects while creating delicate links between artistic disciplines as well as between characters, all served by a stunning design.


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