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Death, Destruction, Vice, and Sleaze

Death, Destruction, Vice, and Sleaze

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Jake Kelly

Stone Church Press

Back in print and collected together for the first time, this Stone Church Press edition compiles the first three chapters of Jake Kelly’s ongoing DEATH, DESTRUCTION, VICE, & SLEAZE saga: DOOMSDAY MAP, SHADOWS WILL FALL, and IN THE NEW ERA. Torn from Cleveland’s past, these self-contained true crime yarns are a whirlwind ride through the rustbelt’s underbelly: bombings, murder, betrayal… and the wildest burlesque show you could possibly imagine. While most non-fiction graphic novels are little more than illustrated book reports that piggyback on other’s research, Jake Kelly rolls up his sleeves and does the hard work– scouring microfiche, cold-calling witnesses, beating the street… and mapping the connections. The result is a dazzling spider’s web of corruption, debasement, and the urban id. Revised, corrected, and rescanned from the original art, this collection is a scream of desperation that will continue to echo in reader’s minds. If you like drinking whiskey from an ashtray, you’ll love DEATH, DESTRUCTION, VICE, and SLEAZE.


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