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Cowlick Comics #1

Cowlick Comics #1

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COWLICK COMICS #1. a new comics magazine, loose, anarchic, COMICS, COMIXX,, and COmickles.

this time - we have :

Sawyer arkilic, nick fowler , Sam Seigel, deji lasi, IVY jeanne, Sarah Kirby, Floyd Tangeman - Jade mar, BURTT carless .. , Kade McClements, Hans DeHaas, Issi Cachia-Riedl, Ashton Carless, Juliette Collet , NAZ hedgepeth, and COLLABCOMMICS by NAZ, Isaac Leahey-leow, Floyd Tangeman , Sam Seigel, Ethan Crain, Matthew Thurber, ashton carless, Chanea Rose Smith..... front cover by Floyd Tangeman, back cover by RAHMA , back inside cover by Theresa Panyawai.

edited by Floyd Tangeman..


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