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Cookie Nights

Cookie Nights

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Andrés Magán

Entropy Editions

Cookie Nights, the newest from prolific cartoonist, painter, and musician Andrés Magán, guides us through the memories of Vigo resident Piero, as he looks back on his experiences abroad. A story rife with misunderstandings & threats both real & imagined, Magán builds a paranoia-fueled narrative that captures the varying frictions & antagonisms that can accompany those in unfamiliar places & how they can change a person. A compelling entry in the body of work by a consistent source of inspiration from the Spanish small-press comics scene.

Andrés Magán is an artist based in Vigo, Spain. In addition to their self-published work, he has releases with publishers such as Colorama, Apa-Apa, Fosfatina, and Kus!, amongst others. His comics practice spans avant-garde short-form as well as a strip series & graphic novels primarily aimed at children. He's also the co-founder of the small-press label Noche Líquida & has taken on artwork duties for bands such as Aries and Ratatat.

Printed at Peak in St. Paul, MN
32 pages
Single color spot offset on grapesicle 70lb stock
June 2023


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