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Compact Magazine

Compact Magazine

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"A macabre, ritual auto-da-fé, scratching and consuming fresh scabs from the festering exhausted spacetime of present sssocial fabrik." —Tom Kaczynski author of Beta Testing The Ongoing Apocalypse


A book disguised as a magazine; a magazine disguised as a book. Lush, ambivalent, sacramental & subtweeting. With poetry, photography, comics, & prose. And 50 pages previewing future books from the publisher. Compact Magazine; a salon in print. A Magazine About Feelings. 

Featuring new work of post-Covid Science Fiction by Nova-award winning author Samuel R Delany, Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures author Yvan Alagbé; including work by Morgan Vogel, Stephen Z Hayes, Sarah Cuje, Brian Bamps, Liza Kotlar, Ellen Plant, Ash H.G., Blaise Larmee, and Katherine Dee. 

With book previews by Maggie Umber, filmmaker Caveh Zahedi, Lale Westvind, Ash H.G., Tara Booth, Paul Peng, Clair Gunther, Stephen Z Hayes, Josiah Parker, Jason Overby, and Steve Grove.


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