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Collide: Issue 2

Collide: Issue 2

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edited by Lindsey Gill

This zine was the brainchild of a local Philly artist that wandered into an open mic one Friday night.

As she watched poets, singers, musicians, and comedians take the stage, she noticed they all had something in common: a deeply human way of connecting that resonated with the audience. She wished that as a visual artist she could do the same thing these people did—that somehow, she could create a piece of visual art that captured the same fleeting qualities of a live performance in an image people could hold onto forever.

Well, maybe she could.

That's how Collide happened. Making a haphazard flier with a QR code that linked to a Google application, Lindsey reached out to as many poets, short story writers, and artists as she could. This was her desperate cry for something new—for weeks she was propelled solely by the amazing concept of bridging the gap between visual and performed art. Something that could bring artists who would have never even crossed paths otherwise together to catalog their feelings—a published "open mic," she thought. Lindsey hopes this zine is as fun to read as it was to create.


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