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Baptiste Virot

3 Fois par Jour

Text in this book is in French

92-page book (17.5cm x 25cm). Interior: offset printing on munken lynx paper, Flap cover: 3 pantone printing, 750 copies

COCKTAIL is the collection of Baptiste Virot’s drawings and comics published in many fanzines in recent years, as well as many stories and unpublished illustrations. He brings them together in a chosen succession of funny, strange and absurd stories. His heroes struggle to reconstruct the logic of their plans: everything happens without warning. This is where Baptiste Virot excels: the panels follow each other in an irrefutable sequence but whose absurdity comes to dismantle the apparent coherence. COCKTAIL is a layered book, colorful like the end of a teenage summer, but where hides, between the pages, the acid irony of abused heroes and end of the world without panache.


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