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A collection of comic strips by Rafael Rodríguez “Pachiclón” featuring his character Cebolla, an onion boy who tries to live a normal life in spite of being a stinky vegetable. He goes to school where he hangs out with his friend Barush, who is also a bit of a bully named Barush, and they like rock’n’roll and doing silly city kid things. Funny, in the classic Sunday newspaper tradition, but with a weird underground comic twist. This edition is beautifully printed in Spain by our friends from Ediciones Valientes, with a foldout cover that doubles as a poster and a snakes and ladders game, plus a vinyl sticker!

64 pages, Español ✭ 21 x 15 cm. / 8 x 6 in.
✭ Cover unfolds into a 21 x 30 cm. / 8 x 11 in. poster
✭ Includes 1 vinyl sticker ✭ Offset edition


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