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Bubbles #11

Bubbles #11

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Brian Baynes

Bubbles #11 is 48 pages long, with an 8 page insert, black and white and includes:
- Interview with Dash Shaw
--- 8 Page insert of unused pages from Dash Shaw's Discipline
- Interview with Tim Hensley by Evan Salazar
- Interview with Amanda Vähämäki by Ana Pando
- Interview with Eike Exner
- Comic by M.S. Harkness
- Comic by Michael Kennedy
- Article: The Face Eater, and Other Japanese I’ve Learned from Kondoh Akino by Ryan Holmberg
- Article: The Morrie Turner Signet Paperbacks by Brian Baynes
- A long introduction about my travels around the Midwest visiting the Billy Ireland Museum and comic art shows in Chicago during Summer of 2021
- 35ish Reviews of new comics
- Letters section


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