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Brooklyn Tattoo

Brooklyn Tattoo

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Adam Suerte

The short- Graphic novel about Adam Sueerte's 20+ year career in the NY Tattoo Trade.

The long- In the early 2000’s Adam Suerte made a 4 part comic about his year long tattoo apprenticeship (in 1999). This book is the continuation of his story and depicts the last 20+ years of his career and co ownership of Brooklyn Tattoo with his partner Willie Paredes. It illustrates a time when there was only a handful of shops in the city, social media was in it’s infancy, world of mouth was how a tattooer and tattoo shop made it’s way, and follows all the way up to the pandemic. The shop moved 3 times in the past 20 years, all in the same 12 block radius, so it’s also serves as a love letter to the South Brooklyn neighborhoods they set up shop in. businesses and people who are and aren’t around any longer make cameos throughout the book.


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