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Boredom: An Anti-Capital-ist Tool

Boredom: An Anti-Capital-ist Tool

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Be Oakley


Boredom: An Anti-Capital-ist Tool is a new essay and publication by GenderFail founder Be Oakley. This essay is broken up into fragmentsa of thoughts about boredom broadly centered around boredom as a revolutionary and anti-capitalist tool. These are divided into the following topics: 

1. Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame

2. Boredom as a source of misplaced pride

3. Boredom and laziness: siblings

4. Bullshit Jobs and the power of boredom

5. The powerful connection between boredom and dreaming

6. Boredom as a state of play

7. Forced boredom: Stillness through Invisible Illness you

This essay ask the following questions including and not limited to:

Boredom as a tool for the working class?

Do working class people have time to be bored?

What does working class Boredom look like? 

Boredom: An Anti-Capital-ist Tool 

Essay and design by Be Oakley

Copy edited by Yvonne LeBien

Published by GenderFail September 2023

Risograph printed Black Flat Gold and Blue

On French Paper ( (Speckletone 70IB text Sand and Speckletone 80IB cover Black)

1st Edition of 325

64 pages


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