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Bed Zine Issue #2

Bed Zine Issue #2

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Bed Zine Issue Two is a curated selection of art and writing by disabled creatives from around the world. It explores the complex relationships that the contributors have with their beds through poetry, nonfiction writing, ceramic and textile works, illustration, painting, and more.

56 Colour Pages

Created & Edited by Tash King
Graphic Design by Emily Sara
Cover Art by Grant Ionatán

Bed Zine Issue Two features the work of Bára Hladík, Noli, Rebecca Quinton, Kelly Reid, Sarah Kaplan Gould, Clemency Doyle, Dana Kearley, Harriet Porter, Nicole Tsuno, Eva Shipley, Sarah Hallacher, Eliot Olson, Maya Cardinali, Miriam Sokolowska, Carly Riegger, Savannah Tries, TK Cho, Georgia Murphy, Hannah Siden, Caitlin Lapeña, Beyza Durmuş, Amy Claire Mills, Corey Bates, Gabby, and Jean Serutoke.


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