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Bad Karma Comix

Bad Karma Comix

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Jeremy Piningre

Animal Press, 7 x 20 cm, Softcover, Risograph, Color

Jérémy Piningre’s Bad Karma Komix is a beautiful and energetic collection of comic work that ranges from the sensual to the cerebral. Piningre’s style blends formal linework with surreal abstraction and uses photographic elements, often screenshots placed into drawn smartphone or laptop displays, to add to this deeply imaginative and engrossing visual world. The comics really shine when the Risograph process is pushed, layering and blending colors to dazzling effects. The bulk of Bad Karma Komix is made up of the “Radical Feelings: Meta Comix” strip, which darts between the artist and his creation, the latter of which is rendered in a Japanese manga style, as he struggles to create earnest and empathetic art. Piningre is incisively smart as he enacts these struggles while balancing the two opposing styles, depicting separate layers of a creative reality.


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