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26 Memories

26 Memories

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Tam Stockton

Mystery pack of photo cards.

Limited edition of 25 packs

26 Memories is a collection of images selected, cropped, and re edited from a larger body of work focused on exploring how memory both contracts and expands our experience of what is real. The form that this smaller version of the project takes is unusual, every booster pack will contain a semi random selection of 7 images selected from a body of 26. Behind the info card you will find 6 small prints and the very back will be one editioned print. These will only be editions of 5 and within that edition of 5 only one of the editioned prints will be holographical.

The truth of this form is that - thought these may not be the ideal size and forms of these works - it presents and opportunity to offer a small, relatively affordable collection. The excitement of opening a booster comes from the uncertainty of what lies within. This feels like a refreshing way to disincentivize putting a specific price tag on something that in reality is infinitely reproducible.

If you collect all 5 foils and return them to the artist, they will print any image of theirs of your choosing



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