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SEEDS Print Collection by Joel Skavdahl

SEEDS Print Collection by Joel Skavdahl

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Joel Skavdahl

Neoglyphic Media

SEEDS was originally drawn for serialized newspaper publication, but beyond the first story being printed in an early issue of Smoke Signal, the other pages never saw print at all. Now, nearly ten years after these pages were first drawn, and with most of them having never been seen except by close friends, these comics have finally been published as a set of five fine art prints, printed on a heavy paper stock suitable for framing. In addition, each set includes a booklet of sketches and notes that give a glimpse into the process of creating these pages. All of these components come wrapped in a panoramic cartoon scene drawn during the same period, and packed in a resealable plastic sleeve.

This is Joel drawing in his most technical mode, working in a deeply imagined fantasy world-building style. With every image painted in layered watercolor, the characters traverse through vividly detailed environments.


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