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Redistribute Resources Sticker

Redistribute Resources Sticker

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A limited edition holographic sticker with bright blue colored text that reads "Redistribute Resources."

Feminist Center for Creative Work nurtures an ever-evolving, intersectional, intergenerational, and joyful collaborative feminist praxis*—modeling ways of working and living through art, programming, media, publishing, and the redistribution of resources, from Los Angeles, within the world. The process is the product.

*Praxis: The everyday habits, conventions, and practice of living theoretical concepts.


We offer our Core Values as guidelines for FCCW staff and anyone who engages with the FCCW community and space. They are a map of what we stand for and how we move internally and externally— connecting our intentions and actions from the smallest to the largest levels. They help us stay accountable to ourselves and to our community, remind us of who and what we are working for and why, and inspire us to continue this work with integrity, generosity, and love.


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