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A.T. Pratt

Twelve 7"x5.25" pages (counting cover) with pop-up foldout 14"x10.5" center spread. 2 colors risograph printed on yellow cardstock.

P.P.P.P.M.M.H.H.S.S.S.S.#1 (Papa Pratt's Popup Popout Miggy Mouse Horror House Super Secret Special Surprise #1)

Originally published in the Weakly Xtra Large Annual in 2016.
Papa Pratt regales the children with the tale of Miggy Mouse's night sleeping in a haunted house for a $100 cash prize. Will Miggy make it out of the house alive? Or will Griever Cleaver escort him to the spirit world after he is devoured by ghosts and ghouls? Can Papa complete the tale while Pippi Popstoppings pipes in with her own version of the story? Find out the answers to all this and more in P.P.P.P.M.M.H.H.S.S.S.S.#1!


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