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Healthy Body?! Healthy Brain!!

Healthy Body?! Healthy Brain!!

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A.T. Pratt

26 alternating purple and yellow colored paper illustrated text/comics pages + back and front cover on yellow cardsto

HEALTHY BODY!? HEALTHY BRAIN!! Clean 2018/Clean 2019 Health and Wellness Initiative Practice Power Progress Research Report: A Lifestyle Guide by Health Guru A. T. Pratt is a comprehensive guide to fun and fitness in your local gymnasium for a modern intellectual. Since I decided to become healthy in Clean 2018, I have been achieving one G (gymnasium) point for each day of the calendar year. Has this made my muscles extraordinarily swollen to create a certified musclebound freak? Will I be cast in a starring role in a big budget superhero comic book adaptation? Find out in this helpful guide. Featuring a 2 color purple and yellow Risograph popup foldout center spread (a recreation of my local gymnasium, Plant Finesse) ck.


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